Disrupting Texas Public Education, From the Inside

November 6, 2015 |

We have been honored to work with Heather Staker, co-author of “Blended – Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools” to structure our $5 million+ Raising Blended Learners grant initiative, and to coordinate four workshops for 75 semifinalist schools and districts competing for the grants. Following the workshops, she penned a blog post about her experiences, and the potential for Texas to make a huge impact for all students through blended learning programs:

Texas is Raising Blended Learners

“The past two weeks I’ve worked with 40 teams of superintendents, principals, and teachers from across Texas to develop prototype blended-learning programs for their schools and districts. Over the next week I’ll work with 40 more. The quality of the prototypes these teams are creating and the number of teams participating have convinced me that, as a result of what’s happening right now, Texas is poised to lead the national discourse on how to modernize schooling for the 21st century.”


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