New story: From Bored Student to School Leader

July 18, 2019 |

Pharen used to race through her classwork, sit in class bored, and struggle with her confidence. Her English teacher remarked, “You could see she was getting the right answers, but she wasn’t invested in formatting her work correctly, and I think that was because she didn’t see the point.

Now, her teachers describe her as a leader, advocate, writer, and poet. “I don’t think she realized how confident she should be, frankly,” her teacher reflects. “I think this process and her going through blended, has made her realize, ‘I’m not just a high-performing kid, I have things to say that matter.’”

See how KIPP Texas-Houston used our Raising Blended Learners initiative to “take the high kids higher” and give students such as Pharen newfound confidence.


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