Sal Kahn on the Value of Blended Learning

December 14, 2015 |

Sal Kahn, founder of online learning platform Kahn Academy, was recently interviewed on WBUR program Here and Now about his opening of a brick-and-mortar school. One of the interesting takeaways from the discussion is that, despite his passion for creating online lessons, he’s more of an advocate for blended learning than full-time virtual education. Listen to the approximately 10-minute interview here, or read interview highlights below:

Interview Highlights – Sal Khan

Why did you want to open up the Khan Lab School – a brick-and-mortar school?

“A lot of people when they think about virtual anything, they do make that comparison of say an versus a Barnes & Nobles. We at Khan Academy never viewed it that way. We view the virtual as something that can empower the physical, that if students can get lectures at their own time and pace, they can get exercises, they can have a That doesn’t mean that the classroom gets replaced, the classroom gets liberated. It doesn’t have to be about a lecture anymore, students don’t have to learn at the same time and pace. Classroom time could be much more about Socratic dialogue, building projects, whatever else. So we wanted to prove it out. We’ve been working with a lot of great schools who have been doing aspects of this, but we started a lab underneath our offices, literally, where we have mixed age, it’s full year, full day. The students do mastery-based, personalized learning for kind of the first half of the day. We have a lot of focus on kind of meta-cognitive skills like entrepreneurship and creativity. The second half of the day – and they’re here until six o’clock – they’re building stuff, they’re making things.”

More highlights :


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