What’s New in the Blended Learning Portal in June?

June 25, 2016 |

Raise Your Hand Texas has curated technical assistance resources to support Raising Blended Learners teams as they develop their blended learning plans. On our Raising Blended Learners Portal you can access guides, courses, research, and activities on blended learning topics such as professional learning, digital content, school finance, and more. Raise Your Hand Texas updates the portal regularly so you can stay connected to the most up-to-date blended learning resources. Each month, we’ll highlight some of the best content, here, on our blog.

New Resources

We added several examples of blended and personalized learning implementation in the Blended in Action section of the Portal. Check out a collection of videos highlighting district and school level blended and personalized learning stories, from Education Elements; Blended Learning in DC Public Schools; and Blended Learning in Action, by Aspire ERES Academy.

The Competency Education Toolkit, an open source resource to support competency-based education at the School District of Philadelphia, has a variety of linked resources and open source tools such as examples of a continua of learning for students, breakdowns of specific learning targets, and a dashboard tracking competencies. Find this in the Blended Learning and Student-Centered Schools section of the Portal.

We also added a Raise Your Hand Texas original video to the Portal in the Raising Blended Learners section: Scaling Student-Centered Instruction: The Power of Blended Learning. Watch to learn how using blended learning teachers can leverage well-designed technology to exponentially increase their capacity to deliver individualized instruction for each and every student and use this companion PowerPoint presentation to share the video as a slideshow.

Added to the Professional Learning section of the Portal is a curation of resources for implementing student-led conferences including why students should lead conferences and creating and using portfolios for conferences.


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