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The Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports programmatic initiatives structured to identify, pilot, and scale systemic improvements in public education.

Blended learning provides an opportunity to use technology to improve student performance and encourage school redesign, while maintaining accountability and efficiency in the use of public funds. Across the state, five school district winners are operating as demonstration sites, to serve as proof points for the effective implementation of blended learning.

Families play a critical role in the education of their children.  We believe engaging families and educators as true partners is an important opportunity for schools to boost student success. This fellowship program seeks to redesign how families, schools, and communities collaborate with the ultimate goal of improving student outcomes.

Research consistently shows that, within schools, the quality of the teacher makes the biggest impact on student success. The $50 million Raising Texas Teachers initiative is designed to support teacher preparation programs in addressing the needs of 21st-century students and encourage Texas’ best and brightest to pursue teaching as an important and fulfilling profession.

School leaders are the linchpin of innovation needed to advance the quality of education across the state. That’s why we invest in leadership development, coaching, and school turnaround programs that help our state’s public school leaders become stronger educators, and help develop the future of Texas by giving all kids a fair shot at success in school and in life.