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What is
Blended Learning?

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Raising Blended Learners is a four-year demonstration initiative showcasing strategies for using blended learning to improve student achievement across diverse student demographics and geographic regions in the state, particularly among schools and districts with persistent achievement gaps.

About Raising Blended Learners

Through a year-long competitive consideration process, the Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation selects winning districts to serve as proof points for the effective implementation of blended learning. Over three years of implementation, these districts receive grant funding and technical assistance as the pilot, scale, and sustain blended learning.

Together these districts represent a mix of small and large, urban and rural, public school districts and public charter schools and each seek to apply blended learning strategies to remedy a specific challenge in their schools.

Raising Blended Learners has developed and will continue to iteratively improve an ecosystem of technical assistance services to facilitate statewide expansions of blended learning solutions to Texas student performance needs.

To help other districts and schools interested in learning more or pursuing blended learning, all Raising Blended Learners materials are free and available to any district interested in piloting blended learning.


May 1, 2019

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