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About Raising Blended Learners

Raising Blended Learners is a demonstration initiative showcasing strategies for using blended learning to improve student achievement across diverse student demographics and geographic regions in the state, particularly among schools and districts with persistent achievement gaps.

Year 1
Implementation Report

Year 2
Implementation Report

Raising Blended Learners Sites

Five winning school districts were selected to receive up to $500,000 in grant funding over three years and comprehensive implementation support to serve as demonstration sites for the effective implementation of blended learning. Fifteen additional districts were selected as pilot sites in year 1 and receive implementation support without grant funding to promote the expansion of blended learning statewide. These smaller-scale pilots receive implementation assistance, coaching, and professional development.


With the Blended in Action stories, we strive to put the voices of the Raising Blended Learners sites at the forefront. These stories highlight examples of how students, teachers, schools, systems, and networks are shifting their mindsets and behaviors as they implement rigorous student-centered blended learning.

Resource Portal

Raise Your Hand Texas has curated technical assistance resources to support Raising Blended Learners teams as they develop and implement their blended learning plans. On this portal you can access guides, courses, research, and activities on blended learning topics such as professional learning, digital content, school finance, and more. Raise Your Hand Texas regularly updates the portal so you can stay connected to the most up-to-date blended learning resources.

Raising Blended Learners Media Kit

This kit contains a news release, the Raising Blended Learners initiative grant summary, downloadable Raise Your Hand Texas and Raising Blended Learners logos, images and project statements of the five winning teams, a map of the five demonstration sites and pilot network, YouTube playlists highlighting important benchmarks from the initiative, and downloadable video and photos that illustrate blended learning in action.

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