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Experience blended learning in action through the following stories, district profiles, and opportunities to see blended first hand.


In this video series, we tell the story of blended learning through the
voices of students from diverse school districts across Texas.

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Sign up to visit a Raising Blended Learners site to see blended learning in action! Raising Blended Learners sites are showcasing how they are uniquely impacting student achievement through their student-centered blended learning pilots. Access descriptions of site visits, including schools, grade-level and subject area focus for each visit, and download site visit agendas here.


With the blended voices from the field videos, we strive to put the voices of the Raising Blended Learners sites at the forefront. These stories highlight examples of how students, teachers, schools, systems, and networks are shifting their mindsets and behaviors as they implement rigorous student-centered blended learning.

Profiles of Raising Blended
Learners Alumni

Learn more about each of the 2015-2019 Raising Blended Learners districts from the problem they are solving in their districts using blended learning, to key features of their blended implementations, and leading indicators of success driving the sustainability and scale of their blended learning programs.

Birdville ISD

Located northeast of Fort Worth in Tarrant County, Birdville Independent School District serves roughly 25,000 students. In 2015, as members of the district leadership team recognized literacy challenges across schools, they sought the Raising Blended Learners grant (…)

Cisco ISD

Cisco, Texas is a rural community, two hours west of Dallas, with a population under 4,000. Cisco Independent School District serves 872 students, with 55% living with economic disadvantage. In recent years, Cisco has quickly transitioned from limited technology use (…)

Clear Creek ISD

Located south of Houston, Clear Creek Independent School District serves more than 41,000 students. In 2015, as members of the district leadership team recognized several academic and non-academic challenges across campuses, Clear Creek transitioned away from their traditional model (…)

Georgetown ISD

Located 30 miles northeast of downtown Austin, Georgetown Independent School District is a historically successful district serving roughly 11,000 students. In 2015, Georgetown district and campus leaders saw the Raising Blended Learners initiative as an opportunity (…)

Houston ISD

Located near downtown Houston, Austin High School in the Houston Independent School District enrolls nearly 2,000 students. In 2015, members of the school’s leadership team recognized literacy challenges across the campus and sought to redesign the learning experience for students (…)


KIPP Texas-Houston Public Schools enrolls nearly 14,300 students across 28 schools. Founded in 1994 as the first KIPP location in the country, KIPP Texas-Houston has always held a prominent position in the national KIPP network, and within the broader Houston education community (…)

Mineola ISD

Mineola ISD is a rural district located in Wood County, approximately 90 miles east of Dallas with a population of around 5,000 residents. Mineola ISD serves over 1,600 students including 63% living with economic disadvantage. (…)

Pasadena ISD

Located southeast of Houston, Pasadena Independent School District is the largest of the RBL pilots— with over 55,000 students enrolled, the school district is one of the 15 largest in Texas. Ninety-two percent of the district’s youth are students of color (…)

Point Isabel ISD

Point Isabel ISD, located at the southernmost tip of Texas in the Rio Grande Valley, enrolls approximately 2,500 students. Eighty-two percent of students served by the district are economically disadvantaged (…)

Round Rock ISD

Located 20 miles north of Austin, Round Rock Independent School District serves roughly 48,000 students and is currently growing by nearly 1,000 students per year. In 2016 Robertson Elementary School launched a highly personalized station rotation model (…)

Spring Branch ISD

Located west of Houston, Spring Branch Independent School District serves 35,000 students. In 2015, members of the district leadership team recognized academic gaps in both math and reading across the district (…)

Temple ISD

Located in Central Texas between Austin and Waco, Temple Independent School District serves roughly 8,600 students. In 2015, as members of the district leadership team recognized a lack of student and teacher relationships (…)

Tulia ISD

Located in the Texas Panhandle halfway between Lubbock and Amarillo, Tulia Independent School District serves roughly 1,100 students from a small farm and ranch community of around 5,000 citizens. (…)

Ysleta ISD

Located in El Paso, Ysleta Independent School District serves over 41,000 students. In 2015, as members of the district leadership team recognized significant gaps in reading levels, they sought to redesign learning and improve reading outcomes (…)

Crockett County CCSD

Crockett County Consolidated Common School District (CCCCSD) is a rural district located in Ozona, a small town of 3,200 in south west Texas. Crocket County CCSD was invited to join the Raising Blended Learners rural cohort for the final year of the grant initiative and began piloting (…)