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Raise Your Hand Texas has curated technical assistance resources to support Raising Blended Learners teams as they develop and implement their blended learning plans. On this portal you can access guides, courses, research, and activities on blended learning topics such as professional learning, digital content, school finance, and more. Raise Your Hand Texas regularly updates the portal so you can stay connected to the most up-to-date blended learning resources.

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The technical assistance resources have been curated to support the development of blended learning plans. Content is updated on a regular basis.

To search specific content, enter key words or phrases into the search bar. For more advanced searches, click the Advanced Search tab to enter in additional search criteria such as content category, type of content, authors, or dates of publish.

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Featured Content

Training Teachers for Comptency-Based Learning Classrooms

This post highlights three design principles Matchbox Learning believes are required to effectively train their teachers on competency-based models.

The Influence of Teaching: Beyond Standardized Test Scores: Engagement, Mindsets, and Agency

The report highlights the connection between specific components of teaching and the developement of student agency.

Strategy Spotlight: Goal Setting in Student Conferences

Learn how educators at one school are using regular student-teacher conferences focused on student data and goals to build a Learner Led environment and drive engagement.

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