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Raise Your Hand Texas partnered with the Lubbock Independent School District (LISD) for three years (2012-2015) to implement a data-driven process improvement initiative.

Raise Your Hand provided support by sponsoring visits by the campus leadership teams of 13 LISD schools to Harvard University to participate in the Data Wise Improvement Process summer training institutes. During the following school year, the leaders received on-site campus support from Harvard University fellows.

At the end of the three-year period, the participating campuses and the district made satisfactory, measurable gains in literacy, and raised student performance throughout the district to a level that exceeded academically acceptable standards. LISD currently serves approximately 29,000 students. About 70 percent of the students in LISD are minorities, and nearly 70 percent qualify for free and reduced lunch. Raise Your Hand worked with two of the district’s four high schools, two of the 10 middle schools, and nine of the 35 elementary schools.


Students Impacted

Impact: 50+ Campus and District Leaders

In total, these selected campuses had an impact on the lives of around 9,000 students, or 33 percent of LISD enrollment. The 13 participating schools were:

  • Atkins Middle School
  • Bayless Elementary School
  • Bean Elementary School
  • Irons Middle School
  • McWhorter Elementary School
  • Monterey High School
  • Overton Elementary School
  • Parsons Elementary School
  • Roberts Elementary School
  • Talkington High School
  • Wester Elementary School
  • Wheelock Elementary School
  • Wright Elementary School