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Families play a critical role in the education of their children. We believe engaging families as true partners is an important opportunity for schools to boost student success.

Research demonstrates strong family, school, and community partnerships is an important component of improving student outcomes.

That is why Raise Your Hand Texas launched Raising Family Partnerships, a family engagement fellowship for public school principals and their leadership teams across the state.

This fellowship program seeks to redesign how families, schools, and communities collaborate to improve student outcomes.

Throughout the process, participants will contribute to a public knowledge base of resources and research that can help build and scale a shared framework for authentic partnerships between educators and families.

About the Fellowship

The Raising Family Partnerships fellowship brings together school leaders from across Texas to evaluate and transform their family engagement plans based on best practices, their own experiences, and lessons learned from other participants.

The first cohort consists of 26 campus teams that are eager to improve, willing to adapt, and ready to turn research into practice. The year-long fellowship kicked off in the summer of 2017 with an intensive all-expenses-paid design camp, where school leaders analyzed their current practices to develop customized strategic family engagement plans for their campuses.

For the next year, participants will remain connected through the Raise Your Hand Texas Raising Family Partnerships network, working together to implement and improve their plans. Fellows will continue their journey together, connecting monthly through online channels to collaborate and provide feedback on ways to strengthen partnerships on their campuses.

At Raise Your Hand, we are committed to learning from promising practices and are excited to learn from fellowship participants what strategies are most effective. Principals and their leadership teams will extend their impact by sharing their experiences with other school leaders in their district. We recognize that every school and community is unique. Bringing together a diverse group of school and district leaders will reveal effective strategies and promising practices that will inform educators across the state.

Those participating in the fellowship will receive:

  • Support in designing a cohesive family engagement strategy for their campus.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with like-minded leaders across the state.
  • Evaluation of family engagement progress by Panorama.
  • Access to national family engagement experts.

Raising Family Partnerships Sites

Raise Your Hand selected 26 schools representing 24 school districts across Texas to participate as the first Raising Family Partnerships fellowship cohort.

We are committed to supporting the success of this program and plan to closely follow the progress of the cohort. Throughout the upcoming year, be on the lookout for blogs, social media posts, and multimedia storytelling showcasing the great work our Texas schools, families, and communities are doing together.

If you know of a school or district that models effective family engagement, contact us and we may pay them a visit.

Raising Family Partnerships Media Kit

This kit contains a news release, downloadable Raise Your Hand Texas and Raising Family Partnerships logos, images from the design camps, and a map of the fellowships sites.

The Raising Family Partnerships initiative is funded by:

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J. Cody Huie

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