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Raising Family Partnerships, a family engagement fellowship for public school principals and their leadership teams, seeks to redesign how families, schools, and communities collaborate to improve student outcomes across the state. The year-long fellowship kicks of in summer 2017 with an intensive design camp.

The immersive all-expenses-paid camp experience will provide campus leadership teams the opportunity to solidify their family engagement goals and strategies, leadership approaches, and current practices. Teams will learn and apply the latest research on family engagement to design a cohesive plan to implement and continually improve, using input and feedback from families, peer fellows, and experts in the field. The family engagement plans will be designed to complement each school’s campus improvement plan.

As a fellow of the Raising Family Partnerships, principals and their leadership teams will continue to learn from each other and experts to advance their campus and community strategies. At the end of the fellowship year, to help scale impact beyond the program participants, teams will invite leaders of other schools in their district to a design workshop. There, fellows will showcase their family engagement plans, implementation outcomes, and lessons learned, helping others understand the opportunities and resources available for their own campuses.

During the design camp, fellows will:

  • Engage in professional learning exchanges regarding family engagement.
  • Review the latest research on school, family, and community engagement.
  • Understand the state and federal compliance elements of engaging families.
  • Engage in a design thinking workshop to build a customized school, family and community engagement plan that is used by school staff, parents and community members.

The 2017 Fellowship will commence with two design thinking camps during the summer of 2017. All fellows will participate in one of these design thinking camps, taking place in Austin from July 16-20 and in Cambridge from July 27-28. Applicants who are attending the Harvard Family Engagement in Education will attend a design thinking camp in Cambridge, which will take place on July 27 and 28th following the institute.

All other fellows will be participate in the all-expenses-paid design thinking camp taking place in Austin from July 16-20.

Austin Design Camp

Travaasa Experiential Resort

Austin, Texas

July 16-20, 2017

Cambridge Design Camp

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Cambridge, Massachusetts

July 27-28, 2017