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One of the most exciting times of the year here at Raise Your Hand Texas® is during the annual leadership symposium. Months of meticulous preparation and setup unfold into two days of fellowship, presentations, breakout sessions, and dialogue on all things public education, with local, state, national, and global emphasis.

Internationally renowned experts, Ivy League professors, and other accomplished professionals take to stages to share their expertise on topics ranging from the science and secrets of powerful storytelling to educational equity and excellence to strategies for addressing low-performing schools. The experience is interactive and motivational, and it delivers the latest data, best practices, and most innovative concepts in the world of public education today. At the end of the conference, each attendee is awarded a certificate of completion and accrues professional development hours.

The Leadership Symposium is an intense professional development conference, open to Raise Your Hand® alumni and VIPs who are currently serving as campus principals or in senior education leadership positions. We regret that we cannot extend invitations to alumni who have retired or transitioned from education leadership roles.

This is Where We Shine

2021 Raise Your Hand Texas Leadership Symposium

February 7–10, 2021

Attend the 13th annual Leadership Symposium.

Throughout this year of unprecedented challenges and uncertainties, Texas public school leaders have demonstrated remarkable resilience. This year’s symposium theme, This is Where We Shine, honors educators for rising to meet the challenges of this moment with courage and compassion.

In the uncertainty, in the gap, in the not knowing. This is where we shine.
In the emptiness, the disconnection, the misunderstanding. This is where we shine.
In the fear, in the confusion, in the past, present, and future. This is where we shine.