2022 Leadership Symposium

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2022 Raise Your Hand Texas Leadership Symposium

February 16 – 18, 2020
Sheraton Dallas Hotel

Program Overview

Leading schools through a third pandemic school year and a hostile political climate may very well be the greatest challenge of your careers. This moment requires grace and courage as you advocate for your students, teachers, and the profession.

Together as a network, we remain united in a common purpose to build an equitable and prosperous future for all 5.5 million Texas school children. Charles Butt has entrusted Raise Your Hand Texas and this incredible network of educational leaders in leading our state toward a brighter future. His values and this charge are what carry us forward and you are what gives us hope.

The 14th annual Leadership Symposium United by Purpose will provide leadership development with a strong Covid recovery in mind, learning how to create and sustain a positive school culture, advocacy training–including a call to gather feedback on current accountability systems, and much-needed time for connection and rejuvenation as a network of colleagues. Reunite with us in person in downtown Dallas, for three days of fellowship, dynamic breakout sessions, and dialogues on the current climate. Let us join together, grounded in our shared purpose.

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In 2021, This is Where We Shine, honored educators for rising to meet the challenges of this moment with courage and compassion.

In the uncertainty, in the gap, in the not knowing. This is where we shine.
In the emptiness, the disconnection, the misunderstanding. This is where we shine.
In the fear, in the confusion, in the past, present, and future. This is where we shine.

2020: Texans for All, emphasized what makes Texas public education special — we are for all.
All teachers.
All families.
All school leaders.
All communities.
We are Texans for all futures.
Because the future of Texas is in our public schools.

The 2019 Leadership Symposium brought together public school leaders from across the state who are committed to meeting the needs of every student. This year’s theme, Raise Your Voice, encouraged educators to stand up and speak out on behalf of their schools, districts, and communities, to make meaningful change, from their campuses to the capitol, for all students and for all educators.

The 2018 Leadership Symposium honored the more than 1,000 leaders sponsored for leadership development and coaching programs, the 10th annual symposium coordinated by the Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation, and our singular shared purpose of strengthening public education for all Texas students.

Our conference theme was “Go Beyond,” a call to each of you to assess the great work you’re doing now while committing yourselves to pushing beyond those barriers that can impede the work of educating 21st century students.