Ashley Patino

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
University: University of North Texas at Dallas
Teaching Interest: High School English

Ashley’s third-grade teacher asked the class to write down what they wanted to be when they grew up. Ashley had never thought about the question seriously before that, beyond knowing that she liked animals and thought the idea of becoming a veterinarian sounded good. But after some soul searching, she realized she wanted to be a teacher. Fast forward to sixth grade, and Ashley was already asking her teachers about their teaching strategies, lesson planning, what they did with student tests, and everything else that went on behind the scenes. She got some funny looks, but her teachers were impressed with her curiosity and passion.

Both of Ashley’s grandmothers were teachers, and they, along with others in her family, initially encouraged her to pursue engineering or medicine. But after Ashley finished some education courses, participated in an education internship, and student taught, her family came around and realized she was meant to be a teacher.

"Whenever my teachers would give me the opportunity to teach the class something, like go up the board and do a math problem or something like that, it felt really rewarding to help my classmates get to that level of understanding. Since then, I just fell more and more in love with teaching."
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