Brianna Flores

Hometown: Alamo, Texas
University: UT Austin College of Education
Teaching Interest: Early Childhood Education

Brianna is a college freshman on the path to becoming an elementary education teacher. As a child, she enjoyed playing school with her cousins. Despite being the youngest, she was always the teacher. However, she did not always know she wanted to follow this career path. For a time, she considered becoming an FBI agent, but ultimately realized education as her true calling.

Brianna looks forward to becoming an early childhood education teacher. As a teacher, she hopes to inspire her students to pass their own wisdom and kindness on to others. She models that perspective by volunteering and participating in community service projects.

"The president of the United States was a student once. The astronauts, doctors, the smartest person alive, everyone, was a student at some point. It all starts with teachers."
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