Cristal Flores

Hometown: Mesquite, Texas
University: University of North Texas at Dallas
Teaching Interest: Elementary Education

During her time in the West Mesquite High School “Ready, Set, Teach!” program Cristal had the opportunity to observe teachers and learn their teaching styles. She also saw students struggle academically, as she did. After two years in the program, she became convinced she wanted to make a difference as part of the education community. 

Cristal wants to share her passion for and dedication to teaching with each of her students. She plans to set high standards, push her students to create challenging goals, and support them in developing a love for learning. She wants to teach her students that sometimes the biggest lessons are learned from failures, and that if you always look for the positive and set new goals, you can accomplish your dreams. 

"A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart." - Cristal Flores
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