Gabriela Coelho

Hometown: Oxford, Ohio
University: UT Austin College of Education
Teaching Interest: Secondary Special Education

Gabriela is committed to making education equitable for all students, and aims to do this by becoming a middle or high school special education teacher. She first realized she wanted to be a special education teacher in middle school when she noted inequities and marginalization within her own classes. She is excited to see her future students grow into emotionally intelligent humans and looks forward to supporting them both academically and emotionally.

Gabriela is also interested in exploring ways she can work to improve the education system beyond her classroom. She believes the voices of teachers should play a large role in the district, state, and federal policy-making process.

In her free time, Gabriela enjoys live music, spending time outdoors, and practicing her photography skills.

"I think that our policy should be driven by the people that are in the classroom, and that they should be leading those changes in America, and really pushing us toward educational greatness, as a nation."
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