Hannah Chang

Hometown: Sugar Land, Texas
University: University of Houston
Teaching Interest: Elementary Education

Hannah is an experienced leader and continues to learn more about teaching, both in and out of the classroom. Hannah grew up in a musical family and honed her skills in high school as she excelled in band and eventually became Drum Major. Her director described her as, “the person the other students go to for help, musically, personally, and academically. Our students know that Hannah Chang is always prepared and always willing to give 100 percent of her personal time and energy if it is going to help another.”

In addition to her college classes, Hannah has learned the value of diversity and patience in teaching, while volunteering at a local integrated preschool for students with and without disabilities. She witnessed first-hand the natural acceptance young students have for one another, and she plans to take those lessons of equity and kindness to her future classroom.

"When I'm a teacher, I want my students to look back and say, ‘That was the teacher that told me that I could do anything.’"
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