Janeth Villa

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
University: University of North Texas at Dallas
Teaching Interest: Middle School History

Janeth knows what it’s like to struggle, to have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep trying until you succeed. She learned that from her mother. When Janeth was growing up, she, her three sisters, and her mom left a bad situation and had to live in a homeless shelter for a period of time until her mom secured a job and moved them all to a house. That was hard on Janeth, but she drew strength from her experiences at school, especially after learning about the major struggles throughout history that were resolved through the will and ingenuity of the people living during those times.

Janeth immersed herself in the study of history, encouraged by her teachers to press on when she felt overwhelmed. She previously thought about nursing but realized she had an affinity for empowering students with knowledge and inspiring them to find their own passions, just as her favorite teachers did for her.

"My history teacher inspired me a lot. She was not only a great teacher, she was also an inspirational person. She told me several times never to give up because I had been at a really low point in my life. I might not turn out to be just like her, but maybe I can influence kids the way she influenced me."
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