Javier Abrego

Hometown: Houston, Texas
University: UT Austin College of Education
Teaching Interest: Elementary Education

Although Javier has always known he would end up teaching, he truly discovered his passion for working with young kids during a gap year with an Americorps  program in Austin called Literacy First. He relished this opportunity to establish a strong reading foundation in each child, and he is incredibly excited to continue this work in his own classroom.

Javier intends to demonstrate his love of learning by creating a classroom where everyone is empowered to teach one another. He hopes to serve as a positive role model for all his students, and is insistent on ensuring his kids feel comfortable expressing their emotions and being themselves.

"I knew that I wanted to be a teacher because I had an art teacher in middle school who was very influential to me. He helped me foster my creative abilities, and the relationship we built helped me realize what an impact a teacher can have on a student."
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