Jaylene Abbie Lemus

Hometown: Deer Park, Texas
University: UT Austin College of Education
Teaching Interest: Math and Special Education

Being an educator is something Abbie has always aspired to do. “My teachers are the people who made me what I am today, they were my role models,” Abbie says. 

Abbie believes the teaching profession is underappreciated and there is a lack of acknowledgment for the extraordinary things that educators do, particularly the work that happens behind the scenes. She wants to challenge the stereotype of a teacher, show the world how powerful the teaching profession is, and change the choice of being an educator into something people will admire without limits. She is deeply passionate about education, change, and advocacy. 

Abbie plans to begin her career as a special education teacher. Inspired by her sister, she wants to stand by students who feel like they cannot stand for themselves. She believes consistency and patience are key in the world of special education, and she wants to nurture her students into loving who they are and who they can become with their education.

"I will be the teacher who helps each child understand that education is the start of something extraordinary. I will inspire them to ignite a fire within themselves — a fire that will light up change in this world."
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