Jillian Haug

Hometown: Plano, Texas
University: Texas A&M University
Teaching Interest: Special Education

Throughout Jillian’s life, she has witnessed incredible things teachers have done in the lives of those with diverse needs. From a very young age, she was exposed to the world of special education and that sparked a passion. Middle school, high school, and college experiences along with education have fueled that passion and molded it into a craft that Jillian will bring to Texas education. Jillian plans to cultivate a pedagogy that allows her students to break through their limitations and become the best version of themselves.

Jillian is excited to be apart of a movement like Raise Your Hand Texas and feels blessed to have been selected as a Charles Butt Scholar. She believes that she will be strengthened both as an educator and a person throughout her time in the program.

"Each person is made up of hundreds of stories and lifetimes, each more unique than the next. I hope my students leave my classroom with the tools to recognize and respect this in others."
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