Katie Allison

Hometown: Vienna, Virginia
University: UT Austin College of Education
Teaching Interest: Elementary Education

Whether it was babysitting or leading kids camps, Katie has always enjoyed serving in an instructional role around children. As a relatively new Texan, Katie is thrilled to collaborate with other Charles Butt Scholars to positively impact the future of public education in the state.

Katie is determined to avoid complacency as a teacher by constantly reflecting on her practices, reevaluating her strategies, and researching new ways to deliver engaging content. She believes access to an excellent education is a right, and she plans to promote equity in her classroom by employing practices and policies that ensure all students have the same level of access and opportunity.

"I sometimes push back when people say students are the future, that they are our future citizens or our future members of society. They're the now. I'm in a fifth-grade class and those 10-year-olds are saying really important things and questioning their world and pushing for a change. Teachers play a big role in facilitating that and starting those conversations with their kids to show them that that's possible."
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