Laura Orozco Domínguez

Hometown: Austin, Texas
University: UT Austin College of Education
Teaching Interest: Bilingual Education

One of the main reasons Laura wants to pursue teaching is because of her mom. Her mother was a teacher in Mexico. She worked with children from small villages and focused her efforts where it was most needed. With the help of friends, Laura’s mother built a school in a community that desperately needed it. She was the sole teacher, counselor, and principal of that school for many years until she immigrated to the United States. 

In addition to having her mother as an inspiration, Laura also sees teaching as a way to be an advocate. Laura is inclined towards social justice issues, which she finds to be at the forefront of education. Laura wants to be able to highlight these issues and be involved in the solution process to prevent further injustices towards children. 

In her future classroom, Laura wants to cultivate her students’ voices and encourage them to speak up when needed. She wants her students to know that their voices are important. Their voices matter. She wants them to feel empowered to speak their truth and speak out for those who are unable. “If my students only learn one thing from me, I hope they learn how to be advocates.” 

"All advocacy is, at its core, an exercise in empathy." - Samantha Power
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