Lauren Leitch

Hometown: Keller, Texas
University: Texas Tech University
Teaching Interest: Early Childhood Education

The first time Lauren realized she wanted to become a teacher was her sophomore year of high school. She was at a difficult period in her life, and mission trips and volunteer opportunities helped her escape those struggles and find her true passion: teaching. She always knew teaching was a possibility, but it was at this moment she realized she wanted to get into the classroom as soon as possible. 

Lauren is now a student at Texas Tech University, where is pursuing a degree in education. She plans to teach in the early childhood arena, specifically in pre-K or kindergarten. According to her, she has always enjoyed working with young children because that’s her “wheelhouse.” 

She believes there is no greater joy than when she brags about something one of her students did, or when she tells a mom that her son finally figured out how to spell his name after spending a lot of time trying. When Lauren does step into the classroom, she looks forward to making a difference and being a light wherever she goes.

"You can never learn that Christ is all you need, until Christ is all you have." - Corrie Ten Boom
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