Linda Rodriguez

Hometown: Richardson, Texas
University: Bilingual Education and Elementary Science
Teaching Interest: Elementary Special Education

Linda’s little sister grew up hearing from some people that, because she was in special education, that there were limits to what she could do, a ceiling on what she could achieve. Linda was not ok with hearing that. She knew her sister had greater potential than some gave her credit for. And that her sister’s story was not uncommon. Linda wanted things to be different for all special education students. Even though she started out in nursing, Linda realized that was not the profession that was meant for her, so she took a few years off. At some point, after some deep conversations with her little sister, Linda decided, “I’m going to be a teacher. I’ve had enough.”

Linda decided she will be the type of special education teacher who will set high expectations with and for her students, encourage them to push themselves, find how they can learn best, and help them understand that if they believe in themselves and work hard, they can achieve their goals. In short, she wants to treat her students just like every other student.

"You can't do anything in life without a teacher. It’s got to start somewhere. You’re not born a doctor. You're not born a lawyer. You may be born with advantages to become someone like that, but you can't do it without a teacher. Everyone needs teachers."
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