Marisol Reyna

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
University: University of North Texas at Dallas
Teaching Interest: Bilingual Education and Elementary Science

Marisol’s father is a tough guy. He works seven days a week and doesn’t often show emotion. But when his then 5-year-old daughter wanted to play school, he would sit in a tiny princess chair as she directed and do whatever homework, take whatever tests, she requested—because she was the teacher and he was the student. So her parents were not shocked at all when she said she wanted to be a teacher.

Marisol is infinitely curious about the world and how it works. Science was always her favorite subject, and her science teachers inspired her to want to become one of them. One teacher told her she could be anything she wanted, even a doctor. But when she shared how much she always wanted to be a teacher, like him, and that there was no changing her mind, he realized this was what she was meant to do and has supported her ever since. Her parents couldn’t be prouder and her husband is her biggest fan.

"I always saw teachers as heroes, people that I wanted to be. I never thought of doing anything else."
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