Sarah Orange

Hometown: Round Rock, Texas & Nashville, Tennessee
University: Texas A&M University
Teaching Interest: Special Education

Ever since she was a little girl, Sarah wanted to be a teacher, but she did not know what it was going to look like. Until 8th grade, she thought she might become a middle school math teacher. But that year, she became a member of Reading Buddies and worked with special education students for the first time. From the moment she stepped into a special education classroom, she knew that was where she was meant to be. Her studies and teacher preparation experiences only further solidified her decision, and she is excited to have her own classroom and serve her future students. 

Sarah is passionate about serving the least of these. She has traveled all over the country and world to sing at nursing homes, children’s homes, schools, and more. All of these experiences have increased her desire to serve those around her and be a positive role model and encourager to her students. 

"If you give your heart to doing God's will, you'll find your true self." - Joyce Meyer
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