Steffannie Alter

Hometown: Houston, Texas
University: Rice University
Teaching Interest: High School English Language Arts

As someone who always enjoyed attending school growing up, especially when a day’s lessons involved English literature, becoming an ELA teacher is a natural progression for Steffannie. In her future classroom, Steffannie aims to ensure that students are comfortable taking risks and stepping up as active participants in a learning community with their peers.

Steffannie is adamant about providing spaces for students to collaborate. She aims to assure that her students are ultimately able to respect and engage with people who are different from themselves.

"Literature is the gateway to empathy. It's the gateway to understanding yourself and understanding the world around you. The more that you can engage with stories with different perspectives, the more you're able to vocalize who you are, how you feel, and understand other people's vocalizations of those same ideas."
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