Valerie Barboza

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
University: UT Austin UTeach Natural Sciences
Teaching Interest: Seventh Grade Math

In high school, Valeria was introduced to an AP Biology teacher who changed her life. She says, “He was phenomenal. Anything you needed, he was always there and everyone in the school knew his name.” Valerie has since committed to carrying this same passion and purpose to the profession because she realized how impactful one person’s attitude can be to an entire student body.

Additionally, Valerie is a first-generation Hispanic woman who is passionate about advocating for women to enter STEM fields. More specifically, she is eager to illuminate the wonders of mathematics to middle school students in low-income communities.

"I am not only advocating for myself, but I'm advocating for everyone else that's going to be behind me or any other girl who's also in the same classroom as me."
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