Veronica Behr

Hometown: Cypress, Texas
University: UT Austin College of Education
Teaching Interest: Elementary Education

Learning has always been a joy for Veronica. From reading to classroom activities, she loves new discoveries and inquiry. In second grade, she moved to a new house and wanted to turn her room into a classroom. She had a desk and a white board, and would teach her stuffed animals.

Getting to share her love for learning and empowering people to find what they love made education a natural path for Veronica. She hopes her future students see the power they hold to change the world both now and in their future. She sees their individual creativity as a treasure that they get to share with the world. “Knowledge is a powerful tool that liberates and empowers people. It allows them to pursue passions and follow curiosities,” she said.

"Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire." - Jennifer Lee
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