Charles Butt Scholarship Finalist Information

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Congratulations to the finalists for the Charles Butt Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers!

The final steps in the selection process are to submit a recorded demonstration lesson and participate in a virtual interview day via Zoom.

You will receive information about how to submit your demonstration lesson and sign up for your interview time via email. Please be sure to open any emails you receive from Raise Your Hand Texas. Emails may come from [email protected] or [email protected]

Information about the demonstration lesson, interview day activities, and how to prepare, is provided below. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Raising Texas Teachers

Demonstration Lesson

Submit a Recorded Demonstration Lesson

All finalists must record and submit a demonstration lesson by the deadline provided in their email. You will submit the demonstration lesson on Survey Monkey Apply the platform where you submitted your application. The goal of the demonstration lesson is to display your potential as a future educator through a video of you teaching. The recording should include a short introduction and a 5-minute lesson. Please read ALL of the instructions below.

Preparing your Demonstration Lesson

Through the demonstration lesson, you will be evaluated on the following: 

  • Oral communication: how clearly and effectively you are able to communicate the objective of your lesson
  • Content knowledge: familiarity with lesson topic
  • Pacing: how well you manage your time
  • Student engagement: how engaging this lesson would be for students

Please keep the following in mind:

  • When choosing a topic to teach, choose something you feel you can fully teach within the 5-minute time limit. The demonstration lesson can be for any subject in grade levels Pre-K – 12. Digital presentations (i.e. Powerpoint or Prezi) are not allowed. You can create and use posters and charts or use a white or chalk board.
  • You should deliver your lesson as if you are teaching a classroom of students. You can pretend the students are there, or invite other people to act as your students. Inviting others to act as your students is not required and will not give you an advantage. If you choose to invite people to participate as your students, please adhere to CDC social distancing and mask guidelines.
  • If you include handouts or manipulatives in your lesson, you should upload these documents and/or photos of the manipulatives in Survey Monkey Apply(the application platform). Name the file(s) the same way you refer to them in the video and include your first and last name. For example, if you mention “Handout 1” in the recording, please label the uploaded document “Your First Name & Last Name Handout 1”.
  • Find a quiet place where you will feel comfortable presenting. Be sure we can see your face, not just the materials you are presenting. Present as if you are teaching in a classroom.
  • Submit one continuous take of your demonstration lesson. Do not edit  out parts or use a video editing software.
  • Depending on your year in school, you may or may not have started your education classes. We will take this into account when evaluating your lesson. 
  • If you are planning to become a bilingual teacher, you can do your demonstration lesson in Spanish.
  • A good demonstration lesson will teach your students a quick piece of knowledge or skill. If you are having difficulty getting started, feel free to search the internet for examples, but please be sure your demonstration lesson is your own original work.

How to Record

There are several ways you can record and upload your demonstration lesson. Keep in mind, Survey Monkey Apply supports .mov or .mp4 files, or YouTube links. Please review the options below and select the one that is easiest for you. The maximum file size you can upload is 1GB/1000 MB.

Recording & Submission Options


  • Download the free Zoom app here. It is available for your computer, phone, or tablet. 
  • Record your demonstration lesson on Zoom. Be sure to hit the record button. When you click record, you will be given an option of where to save it, either the cloud or your computer. Save the recording on your computer – it’s easier to find. 
  • After you end the meeting, the recording will save to either the cloud or your computer, depending on which you selected.
  • Upload the mp4 file to Survey Monkey Apply.

Record on an iPhone or Android device

  • Record your lesson and submit the mp4 file if using Android or the .mov file if using iPhone. 
  • Horizontal/landscape video is preferred. 


  • Record your demonstration lesson using any of Youtube’s supported file formats which can be found here.
  • Create a free Youtube account, if you don’t already have one.
  • Upload your video to Youtube, click “unlisted” so the video is only viewable by those with a link.
  • Copy and paste the long URL to Survey Monkey. The long URL will have “” in the name, while the shortened URL will have “”. The shortened URL will not work.

INCORRECT shortened URL looks like:

CORRECT long URL looks like:

Do not use the following:

  • Google Drive: You cannot copy and paste a Google Drive link into Survey Monkey.


Begin your video with the following introductory information. 

  1.  Your name
  2.  University or universities you’re applying through
  3. Your year in school (ex: freshman, sophomore, Master’s, etc.) 
  4. What you will be teaching in your demonstration lesson (include subject area and grade level) 

Your 5 minutes can officially begin after the introduction. Please keep your responses to the introduction questions brief. 

Please submit one continuous take of your demonstration lesson. Do not edit out parts or use a video editing software to alter the video.

Submitting your Demonstration Lesson

Log in to Survey Monkey Apply (the application platform) using the same account information you used to submit your application. Click the demonstration lesson task. Email [email protected] if the demonstration lesson task is not listed. 

Upload your .mov or .mp4 file, or paste your Youtube link. If you are submitting a Youtube link, you MUST enter the long version of the URL, not the shortened version. A long URL contains “” and the shortened URL contains “”. If you click “Share” and copy that link, it will be the shortened URL and will not work. 

Upload any documents or photos that go along with your lesson. 

You must submit your recorded demonstration lesson to Survey Monkey Apply by the deadline provided in your email. 

Virtual Interview Day

Icebreaker Activity

You will participate in an icebreaker activity with other Charles Butt Scholarship finalists and the interview panelists. No preparation needed.

Classroom Scenario Activity

You and your fellow finalists will participate in a small group activity. You will be provided a scenario and asked to plan a response as a team. Your randomly-assigned small group will present your plan to the whole group. No preparation needed.

Individual Interview

Each finalist will have a 30-minute individual interview with a panel of interviewers. This is the selection panelists’ opportunity to get to know you. No preparation needed. However, we suggest you review the Charles Butt Scholar Knowledge, Skills, and Values and think about how you have exhibited them in your life.

Preparing for the Interview Day

  1. Sign up for your interview time via the link emailed to you. The deadline to sign up is included in your email. 
  2. Submit your pre-recorded demonstration lesson to Survey Monkey by the due date provided in your email. 
  3. Dress code for the interview day is business casual.
  4. To participate in the virtual interview day, you will need reliable internet access and a device with a camera. We prefer you use a laptop or desktop computer, but a tablet or smartphone is also acceptable. If you will not have access to these on the virtual interview day, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing [email protected]
  5. Find a quiet place to participate in the interview day activities to minimize distractions and loud noises.
  6. You will need Zoom to participate. If you don’t already have it, follow the steps below to download and use Zoom:
    • Download Zoom here – Download Zoom for Client Meetings.
    • How to join a meeting  – Watch this video to learn how to join a meeting.
    • Take 5 minutes to practice using Zoom if you have never used it before. Become familiar with the buttons and what they do.

Interview Dates

March 8

University of North Texas Dallas

March 21 & 22

Texas Tech University & TechTeach Across Texas 

March 24 & 25

Texas A&M University

March 26

Trinity University

March 29 & 30

Sam Houston State University

April 1

The University of Texas at Austin – UTeach Natural Sciences

April 8 & 9

The University of Texas at Austin – College of Education

April 12 & 13

University of Houston

April 18 & 19

University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley

April 22

Our Lady of the Lake University

May 5

University of Texas at El Paso

May 6

Southern Methodist University

May 10

Rice University