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One benefit of being a Charles Butt Scholar is having a profile on our site featuring your story, favorite quote, and many Scholars favorite a professional headshot. Generally, we travel around the state meeting students from our 12 partner universities all while capturing these future teachers unique personalities.
This year, we ask that each Charles Butt Scholar submit their headshot. Take a look at our current “Meet the Scholars”page and then read the guide below. We ask that you submit 2-3 pictures. The Raise Your Hand marketing team will select one and retouch it to match the Meet the Scholars website, which includes blurring the background, adjusting the brightness and color of the photo, and removing blemishes and flyaway hairs. Please wear business casual attire for your headshot.

Preparing for Your Photoshoot:

  1. Find someone to assist you with your shoot.
  2. Find a smartphone to take the photo.
  3. Once you have that person picked out and your smartphone, it’s time to find where you will take your photo. The ideal location is inside a room with a big, bright window. *However, make sure the window DOES NOT have direct sunlight shining on you. Taking your photo against an empty stretch wall is preferred, but if you have to pick, prioritize good lighting over a clear background.
  4. Position yourself facing toward that window, about six feet away — meaning the person taking the photo should have their back to the window.
  5. Ensure the smartphone is pointed approximately 2-3 inches above your eye height.
  6. Have your partner make sure you are filling up most of the frame — but not cropping off the sides of your body. We would like the photo to be from the waist up, and it’s important to make sure none of your head or hair is cut off. *NOTE: It’s okay to zoom in a little to ensure you are filling up the frame.
  7. It is finally time to take your photo. Please take a few photos.
  8. If you don’t have a smartphone on hand, you may use a table, computer webcam, SLR, or point-and-shoot camera. Please follow the same guidelines as above for lighting and framing.

What to Wear:

  1. It’s most important to wear something that you love and that gives you confidence!
  2. Please wear business casual attire – nice jeans or slacks, a button down shirt or nice blouse.
  3. Avoid logos, pictures, or text; strong patterns; or over accessorizing
  4. Deep, rich colors pop on camera

After the Shoot:

Please upload 2-3 of your photographs in our scholar submission form.

*Keep in mind that, in order to make your profile look professional, we will retouch your photo — which includes blurring the background, adjusting the brightness and color of the photo, and removing blemishes and flyaway hairs.


CB Scholar headshots