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CB Scholarship

The inaugural cohort of recipients of the Charles Butt Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers is made up of 100 impressive and diverse scholars from across the state.

The scholars were selected by the Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation from a pool of 350 candidates through a competitive process, which included a written application, interviews, group activities, and a demonstration teaching lesson. All selected scholars are committed to teaching in high-needs Texas public schools or in hard-to-fill subject areas. They will receive an $8,000 scholarship each year, as well as ongoing training, mentorship, and networking opportunities facilitated by the Foundation.

“Teaching is one of society’s most important professions and strong teachers are critical to the future of Texas,” said Charles Butt, founder of Raise Your Hand Texas and the Holdsworth Center, and chairman and CEO of H-E-B. “I am thrilled to welcome this first cohort of Charles Butt Scholars and believe this initiative is an important first step in encouraging our best and brightest to consider a career as a teacher.”

The scholarships were awarded to students attending, or planning to attend, one of 10 partner universities selected by Raise Your Hand for their commitment to rigorous teacher preparation. Over time, the scholarship program will grow to include at least 500 scholars annually and expand to include leadership development opportunities for the state’s top high school students interested in a career in education.


  • Javier Abrego
  • Fidel Aguilar
  • Katherine Allison
  • Steffannie Alter


  • Valerie Barboza
  • Chloe Bass
  • Blake Buckley
  • Lindsey Burton


  • Nohemi Cepeda
  • Valarie Cervantes
  • Hannah Chang
  • Margaret Chase
  • Gabriela Coelho
  • Jacob Connerly
  • Lillian Corrigan
  • Kathryn Cude


  • Ashley Darnell


  • Heather Egan


  • Anna Fedewa
  • Sarah Jean Feeser
  • Trey Fisher
  • Kimberlee Flores
  • Brianna Flores
  • Meghan French


  • Jimena Gamboa
  • Lorena Gantiva
  • Vanessa Garcia
  • Claudia Garcia
  • Savannah Gibson
  • Bailey Glenn
  • Imelda Gonzalez
  • Juliet Goodfellow
  • Clarissa Guerra
  • Abigail Gwosdz


  • Hope Harrod
  • Michelle Henderson
  • Marco Hernandez
  • Bekah Howard
  • Mollie Hughes
  • Claire Hukill


  • Uriel Iglesias
  • Brittney Ivanov


  • Taylor Jackson


  • Esther Lacayo
  • Sarah Lane
  • Ngan Luu


  • Kimberly Mares
  • Fernanda Marrero
  • Alejandrina Martinez
  • Andrea Martinez-Abrego
  • Dezarae Mata
  • Grace McClure
  • Ashley McDonald
  • Eilidh McKay
  • Taylor McWilliams
  • Macy Melton
  • McKenna Mohr
  • Cecilia Montoya
  • Alexandria Moreno
  • Garrett Mott


  • Alessandra Napieralski
  • Minh Nguyen
  • Hannah Nguyen
  • Lilizareth Norena


  • Christine Oakes
  • Brenda Olvera
  • Rachel Omerza
  • Cristina Ortiz


  • Jose Parra Azanza
  • Ashley Patino
  • Raquel Perez
  • Jessica Phillips
  • Jacklynn Prewitt
  • Megan Proulx
  • Cristina Puente


  • Byrklin Quisenberry


  • Alyssa Ramirez
  • Kenia Reyes
  • Marisol Reyna
  • Carson Robertson
  • Mayte Rodriguez
  • Linda Rodriguez
  • Mariela Rodriguez
  • Clarissa Rodriguez


  • Kasandra Salinas
  • Brenda Sanchez
  • Shakira Sandoval
  • Alexa Santos Coy
  • Heather Schweikhardt
  • C’Sherica Shaw
  • Christen Smajstrla


  • Phuong-Trinh Tao-Pham
  • Mia Trautz


  • Daisy Vaquera
  • Janeth Villa


  • Rebecca Watson
  • Amy Whelchel
  • Kathryn Wolf


  • Emily Zhang