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Give Rise to the Future: Support Aspiring Teachers

This spring, the Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation will announce the inaugural cohort of Charles Butt scholars – top future teachers who are dedicated to teaching in majority economically disadvantaged schools and shortage subject areas.

The Charles Butt Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers is part of Raising Texas Teachers, a new initiative in which Raise Your Hand is working with top universities across the state to ensure every new teacher is effectively prepared for their first day in the

Raise Your Hand is asking our alumni network to step forward and mentor a Charles Butt Scholar.

Each Charles Butt Scholar will be matched with a local educator-mentor. The mentor will take interest in the scholar’s studies and provide scholars with an understanding of what it means to be a teacher and part of a school community by inviting the scholar visit the mentor’s campus. Raise Your Hand will provide training and guidance to facilitate the mentoring relationship.

Assisting with the Charles Butt scholarship is your opportunity to support future educators now to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to be successful teachers when they join school communities – maybe even yours! It is your opportunity to give rise to the next generation of teachers who will work passionately to ensure all students are successful.

If you are part of the Raise Your Hand alumni network and have not yet received your personalized invitation to become a mentor to a Charles Butt Scholar, please indicate your interest in the form below.