Blended Learning at Texas Tech

Texas Tech University’s College of Education is a leader in advancing personalized blended learning pedagogy in higher education. Through our Raising Blended Learners initiative, Raise Your Hand Texas is supporting Texas Tech University to develop and scale these innovative efforts statewide.

Graduate Certificate in Blended and Personalized Learning

The Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation provided Texas Tech a grant to develop a Graduate Certificate in Blended and Personalized Learning, a one-year certification for current classroom teachers. The program trains teachers on personalized blended learning pedagogy, as well as the practical application of these skills in their classrooms.

The certificate includes five courses, taken online through a combination of lessons with the professor and independent learning. These five courses address foundational blended and personalized learning strategies, utilizing data to improve instruction, promoting student agency, employing differentiated assessments, and designing customized lessons and class content. Course participants regularly record their classroom implementations and receive peer and professor feedback to improve their practice.

Personalized Learning Video Case Study Library

The Texas Tech Personalized Learning Case Study Library is a professional development resource of video case studies demonstrating blended and personalized curricula and classroom practice.

The case studies include teaching tools, such as lesson plans, assessment tools, activity materials, and video of classroom instruction, as well as pre-and post-lesson video interviews with teachers. These comprehensive resources support novice personalized learning teachers in learning the how of successful blended and personalized learning.

Texas Tech University has created an online database portal where all case study content and videos will be housed. The database of video case studies will be used extensively within the graduate certificate program, as well as within Texas Tech’s teacher preparation programs, contributing to the statewide scale of blended and personalized learning.


Fifteen teachers and coaches from Raising Blended Learners Demonstration Sites are participating in the inaugural certificate program. In one year, participants will have completed fifteen hours of graduate level coursework in blended and personalized learning teaching strategies.