Key Public Education Issues from the 84th Texas Legislative Session

June 17, 2015 |

Student-Centered Reforms Rise Above Dissension and Distraction

CapitolWith the close of the 20-day veto period, the 84th Legislative Session has officially ended. Legislators should be commended for their thoughtful debate and policy achievements addressing the needs of Texas public school students.

Guided by objective research conducted prior to the session, Raise Your Hand Texas focused on pivotal policy measures designed to advance student performance across the state by building capacity within public schools. Specifically, we supported legislation to improve pre-k program quality, address chronically low-performing campuses, and free public schools to be more autonomous and innovative. We also worked to preserve local control of our neighborhood schools while exposing the flaws of legislation that would outsource public education.

So how did the 84th Legislature fare? Check out our full 84th Legislative Session recap.


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