Rising to the Challenge

The current global health crisis toppled economic markets, forced Texans to shelter in place, and closed schools across the state. But it did nothing to diminish the determination of Texas educators to meet the needs of all students.

There are amazing stories of leaders, of helpers, of innovators who are working to make the best of this tough situation. We will be seeking those stories out and sharing them through our social presences, so we hope you’ll connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There also are a lot of experts with profound and poignant perspectives on what this crisis means in the near-term and what the future could look like. We will be seeking out their insights and profiling them on our website and through social media. And of course, we have some thoughts of our own that we hope might inform and inspire the work of the education community, philanthropic and community leaders, and policymakers. We hope to hear from you, too. Stay tuned for more.

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We’re looking for stories from students, teachers, and school leaders about your experiences, challenges, and strategies you think might benefit others. Please share your perspectives and let us know how you’re approaching and responding to the current situation. And know that you are not alone in these struggles. We thank you, we honor you, and we want you to know we are cheering you on.

Pasadena ISD

Denham Family

A teacher in Pasadena ISD explains how this family of educators is embracing togetherness.

Pasadena ISD

A music teacher at Williams Elementary School writes a “COVID-19 butterfly song” for her students.

Pasadena ISD

A seventh-grade teacher at the Tegeler Career Center shares the reason why she teaches: the relationships.


During trying times, Texans are building a stronger future for our kids.