The School Voucher Debate: Texas Rural Communities

Vouchers and Education Savings Accounts - what do they mean for Texas?

We’re taking on a topic that has become a marquee fight of the 88th Legislature: private school vouchers, which are also known as education savings accounts (ESAs). On one side, we have our state’s two most powerful elected officials, Governor Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, who say every parent should get the freedom to decide how to use taxpayer money in educating their children. On the other, we have every public education advocacy group in the state, including Raise Your Hand Texas, who all say that vouchers will do nothing but harm students, teachers, and communities.

In this episode Morgan Smith will be joined by Randy Burks, Ed. D., Superintendent of Hamlin Collegiate ISD, and Bob Popinski, Senior Director of Policy, Raise Your Hand Texas. Listen in to learn why ESAs and vouchers are bad policy for Texas and would hurt our rural school communities.

Read the podcast transcript here.

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