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Our latest episode of Intersect Ed examines the misconceptions around students who are “missing” from their public school. Critics often place blame on educators saying they are not doing enough to find their students. What we know is the exact opposite: educators are going above and beyond to stay connected to their students.

As conversations around the state budget begin to happen at the Capitol, our public schools need more funding so they can continue to lead the charge of our state’s recovery. Educators are working tirelessly to support their students every day. This work is often tedious and time consuming, but it is also often the most impactful.

In our ninth episode of Intersect Ed, hosted by Raise Your Hand’s Tessa Benavides, we hear directly from superintendents and educators who are working daily to ensure every student across Texas is connected to their school. Throughout the episode, listeners will learn about the lengths school districts are going to find students and what barriers they are helping students and families to navigate throughout the pandemic.

As part of this podcast, we highlight work being done in Fort Worth by READ Fort Worth. This story takes listeners on a deeper dive into their work to stay connected with students and families by making in-person visits to ensure every student feels connected to their school. Through this work, READ Fort Worth learned best practices about how to serve the whole child during a global pandemic.

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