Research informs our legislative interests and policy positions. The following research materials are produced by universities, research organizations, and Raise Your Hand Texas research staff.

Raise Your Hand Texas regularly commissions independent experts and academic entities, and our in-house research team, to explore and address questions surrounding education challenges Texas faces. The resulting objective research helps drive stakeholder discussions and shape programmatic and policy solutions. The results and feedback from our educator leadership, school improvement, and coaching program investments also serve to inform our policy work.

Texas Innovation Schools

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Educator Data System

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Supporting School Turnaround

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Research Reports

The following research reports are the result of in-depth explorations of specific issues, case studies, proven best practices, and relevant trends that help inform Raise Your Hand Texas’ policy priorities and proposed solutions. Often we commission independent experts and academic entities to conduct this intensive research to ensure an objective viewpoint without respect to partisanship or particular ideology.

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Policy Briefs

The following policy briefs serve as condensed analyses on issues impacting public education in Texas, and synthesize existing research, key data points, and interviews with stakeholder groups.

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Education Savings Accounts: A Critical Analysis

  Policy Brief

Loss of Rights in the Name of Choice: The Dangers of Special Education Vouchers

  Policy Brief