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As this unprecedented school year gets underway, listeners may have wondered what it was like for school leaders as they made difficult decisions about reopening public schools. Decisions focused on health and safety, instruction, and offering every child access to high-quality learning in a pandemic.

In our fourth episode of Intersect Ed, hosted by Raise Your Hand’s Cody Huie, we’re giving you the opportunity to be a fly on the wall for two fascinating group conversations as school leaders from across the state planned, prepared, and reimagined school for the 2020-21 school year. 

While there are many unknown and unresolved challenges ahead, these internal conversations demonstrate that district and campus leaders are hard at work to create consistent, quality, and equitable instructional opportunities for all students. And they are not planning in isolation. School leaders across Texas are working together to analyze ideas and strategies for safely reopening schools. This is the core intent of the Raising School Leader’s alumni network – to strengthen connections and encourage collaboration between educators around the state.

*COVID-19 guidance changes rapidly. The conversations in this episode took place in early June. For the most recent school re-opening plans and safety guidelines, please refer to the Texas Education Agency or your local school district’s website.

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