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For many teachers across Texas, the days before Spring Break marked the last time they would physically be in their classrooms and spend in-person time with their students. Since schools closed permanently for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic year, teachers have been working non-stop to adjust to emergency remote learning. 

In the first episodes of Intersect Ed, we are telling the stories of Texas public school teachers rising to the challenge of COVID-19 – how it has affected them mentally, in their daily work, and in their relationships with each other and their students.

This episode hosted by Raise Your Hand’s Victoria Wang, focuses on one key question: How has this been affecting teachers’ mental health? Teachers have struggled to find a balance between their work and home life. They worry about their students and families. They ask themselves: Where are they? Why aren’t they responding? What are the scenes in every home? In a profession where their work is driven by their connection to students, this episode digs deeply into what it has meant for teachers to try and connect meaningfully with students virtually.

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