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The pandemic is hurting school districts from both a revenue and expense perspective. Hear more about why investing in them now is more important than ever.

As schools begin reopening for in-school instruction this academic year, school leaders have grappled with rising costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From PPE to plastic partitions, the approximate cost per student on campus during the pandemic is $485.

School leaders are simultaneously facing lower enrollment and worry future budget cuts and shortfalls may be heading their way.

In mid-July, the State Comptroller said that the state faces a $4.6 billion budget deficit for the current budget.  The shortfall for the next state budget could be in the tens of billions of dollars. School budget officials are concerned the progress they made with the passage of House Bill 3 during the 2019 legislative session could be undone and many are already finding similarities between what is happening now to what happened in 2011. Back then, the state cut $5.4 billion from the state’s public education budget.

In our fifth episode of Intersect Ed, hosted by Raise Your Hand’s Alejandro Izaguirre, we want to give you a landscape view of what school budgets look like for the upcoming school year and how the economic recession may impact school districts in the 2021 Texas Legislative session.

You will hear from Chief Financial Officers from school districts across the state, a facilities worker, a principal, and a bus driver on what it’s like to run a public school during a global pandemic. Continued investment is one of the most important issues schools across Texas will face and one Raise Your Hand will champion during the upcoming session. This episode is the first in a new series laying out the biggest issues our schools will face in the coming year that Raise Your Hand Texas will champion during the 2021 Texas Legislative session.

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