Teacher Vacancy Task Force Recommendations

February 28, 2023  

The Teacher Vacancy Task Force met over the past year to examine teacher retention and recruitment challenges across Texas. The Texas Education Agency recently released the Teacher Vacancy Task Force Final Report: Developing a Thriving Teacher Workforce in Texas.

“Raise Your Hand Texas applauds the effort of the Teacher Vacancy Task Force to elevate the conversation of teacher workforce issues in our state,” said Bob Popinski, Senior Director of Policy for Raise Your Hand Texas. “While there are a lot of details to be worked out, this is a good first step to make sure Texas leads the way in how we retain, train, and recruit our teachers. Increasing salaries through a basic allotment increase, more classroom support, and focusing on high-quality teacher preparation are all key areas that need improvement. Schools across our state have both a short-term and long-term need to get this right this legislative session.” 

Raise Your Hand Texas appreciates the Teacher Vacancy Task Force’s efforts in addressing the critical issue of teacher shortages across Texas. Educators bring policy decisions to life every day and truly understand the impact of public education policy on student learning. We are grateful to the passionate educators who served on the task force, sharing their invaluable insights and expertise to develop the recommendations.   

Teacher in Rio Grande Valley Classroom

We are also encouraged to see that the Teacher Vacancy Task Force shares many of the same concerns and recommendations we have been advocating for, and the importance of addressing these issues to ensure a high-quality education for all Texas students. 

The Teacher Vacancy Task Force report mirrors several key areas Raise Your Hand Texas believes are critical to improving the teacher workforce in Texas:

  • Support teacher retention through increased compensation and benefits packages, adequate administrative support, and sustainable work environments
  • Invest in teacher recruitment strategies, including scholarships for aspiring teachers
  • Strengthen teacher development by raising the standards for all education preparation programs and providing meaningful professional development opportunities.

Read our full Texas Teacher Workforce recommendations in our 2023 Legislative Policy Brief on Texas Teacher Workforce. 

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