– E. Moran, Spanish I Teacher

"Find your voice and your passion, take the leap and get involved."

– D. Nesossi, US History Teacher

"If we do not speak up, those that DO will have their concerns addressed first. It is important, even as busy as we are, to be able to take time and advocate."

– E. Goins, 8th Grade Teacher

"You need to get involved—change will not happen if no one knows that change needs to happen."

– J. Casanova, Law Studies Teacher

"Do not hesitate to use your voice. I teach that to students but do not always take the time to practice what I teach. Your voice and story matter."

– C. Riojas, ESL Teacher

"Do not be afraid to use your voice. Your experiences in and knowledge of the classroom is the most important tool that legislators can use when crafting policy."


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