Texas Student Enrollment Data

January 23, 2016  

Who Educates Texas Students

They are educated in diverse settings by teachers of all types. While homeschooling and private/religious schools are popular choices in Texas, the vast majority of Texas students attend public schools, whether they be neighborhood campuses, open-enrollment charter schools, magnet schools, specialized academies, or a range of other public options.

Below is a summary of student enrollment in Texas and the sources for our information. All enrollment information is current as of the 2014-15 school year.

Texas Student Enrollment
Graphic: Texas Student Enrollment statistics for private, home, and public schools.

Total school-aged Texans: 5,687,011

Public Schools

District School Enrollment:
4,932,908 or 87% of total

Source: Texas Education Agency

Charter School Enrollment:
202,972 or 4% of total

Source: Texas Education Agency

Total for Public Schools: 5,135,880 or 91% of total


251,131 or 4% of total

Source: National Center for Education Statistics


300,000 or 5% of total

Source: Texas Home School Coalition Website

Note: There are no official sources for Texas-specific data on home school enrollment. Home school participation varies from state to state, but the National Center for Education Statistics estimates approximately 3% of students nationwide are homeschooled, which would equate to 170,610 students in Texas.

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