The Power of Pre-K with Elaine Mendoza

March 20, 2019  

It’s not just students, parents, and educators who recognize the power of high-quality pre-kindergarten, both to building the foundation for learning and for leveling the playing field among student groups for kindergarten readiness. Our new video series features prominent Texans from a variety of industries and perspectives, all speaking to the importance of high-quality, full-day pre-K to Texas students, the educational and workforce pipelines, and the future economy of Texas.

With its Pre-K 4 SA initiative, San Antonio has shown its commitment to the Power of Pre-K to ensure a strong educational and workforce pipeline, as well as, a strong future economy.

Elaine Mendoza leads Conceptual MindWorks, Inc., a biotech and medical software company. She also serves on the Texas A&M University Board of Regents and is Chair of Pre-K 4 SA Board of Directors—which is heavily engaged in improving Texas’ educational pipeline from pre-K to college.

Having served on a task force charged with making smart investments to strengthen the San Antonio economy, she says it was clear funding a full-day pre-K for eligible public school students was the best way to address gaps and have the greatest impact.

“This is about economic development and…making sure that we have the workforce of the future,” Mendoza said. “There’s no better investment that we can make to the resources of our state than investing in our young people.”

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