We polled Texans about education—they responded loud and clear

January 22, 2019  

The Governor, Lt. Gov., and House Speaker recently held a joint press conference and announced that this legislative session would be the session of education funding and higher teacher pay. A public opinion poll we commissioned says the public is aligned with those overarching priorities, and that Texans have strong opinions about the specifics of how legislators should proceed.

Texans say education is the most important issue for this legislative session, with more funding, higher teacher pay, and reduced focus on high-stakes testing ranking as the top interests. The overwhelming majority of Texans also believe pre-K is important to ensuring school readiness and leveling the playing field, and that the state, not local communities, should fund full-day pre-K for at-risk students.

Check out the full results of the Texas Public Education Perceptions Poll, read the news release, then join us on our Facebook page to let us know what surprised you most about the responses and what you think it will take for the legislature to address the top issues you care about.

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